Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow what a year!

I've been thinking this week about what was going on in our life this time last year. You know, the week before Easter. Last year we were a family on 3, with no idea what God had in store for us. We were busily and excitedly getting ready for our Easter trip to the Smoky Mountians in Tennessee. Little did I know that on our way home from that great family trip would we get a call that would change the dynamics of our family.

Imagine if you will riding along the interstate about 2 hours from home and your cell phone rings. On the line is your social worker who you are surpised to here from since she has not called you in 3 months since she recertified your foster/adopt home license. Anyway, she goes on to ask me if I had a few minutes to talk. Sure, I'm going down the road doing nothing else! She proceeds to tell me about a set of twins born 8 weeks premature that are just a week old and the parents are giving them up for adoption. Would we be interested? I was in total shock! We always knew that one day we would get a call about another adoptive placement, but never in my dreams would I have thought we would get a call about TWINS!

My heart wanted to immediately say YES! But my mind made me say, we'll think about it. I was so torn about what the best thing for our family and these babies would be. I thought about the logistics of taking care of twins. Could I do that? Cade was such a hard baby to deal with, what if they both ended up being as needed as he was? Would I get any sleep? Could I still work? (which I really needed to!) How would we pay for daycare? How long would it take for the adoption to go through? All these questions swirled around us for several days. It was also during this time that I found my way to an adoption website where I met a group of awesome ladies that shared their experiences and concerns with parenting premature newborns. Because of the support I received from them and our family, we were able to make our decision.

We excited called our worker and told her we wanted them. Then we had to wait what seemed like an eternity. I wondered if we really were going to get them, or were the parents changing their minds. I knew that we were the only family that they talked to about them, but since we had to wait so long, I began to wonder. I'll never forget the day that their social worker called to let me know we could start visiting them in the NICU. Mickey and I went there very anxious to see these little babies. Needless to say, when I first saw those tiny little faces I knew that they were my babies! As I held each one I began to imagine how our life was about to change for the better. I could see their personalities already appearing too!

Now here we are 1 year later, on the verge of another Easter weekend. In a little over two weeks, we will be finalizing their adoption as our children forever. I look back at this past year and I'm amazed at what God has given us. He has blessed us with lots of patience, peace, joy, and love. He has brought wonderful people into our lives to help us on this family journey. He has given me a terrific support group to share my joys and vents. Most importantly, he has given me two perfectly happy and content babies that have me wrapped around their little fingers! I've survived the sleepless nights, I've been able to keep my job, and I've been blessed with wonderful in-laws to provide childcare.

Many years ago I heard that statement "God gives you the desires of your heart." I've held onto that for 15 years knowing that one day I would receive those desires. It wasn't the way that I thought God would give them to me, but I've learned to let go, and let God handle it. He knew that these 3 precious children that he placed into my care were meant to be my children. I'm so thankful for his goodness and it reigns down upon us!


  1. What a beautiful story!!! :)

  2. That is so neat! I'm glad you shared your story with us. It's sad that it's taken over a year to get their adoption finalized but I'm sure they were worth the wait!

    I hope you have a wonderful adoption day!! :)