Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday, why am I not happy?

Today is Saturday! While I'm so glad the weekend is here, I'm not sure why. I'm stuck in the house all day today with the kids! My lovely hubby is off in the woods deer hunting as I write. I know I should just suck it up. I mean he only has till the end of January to "get that big buck" (although I think he would settle for just about any deer at this moment!) The season has not been the best for hunting. Our weather here has been very hot one minute to cold the next. We have been having weather much like Spring around here for 2 months. When its warm, deer don't go moving around (would you?). I guess I just wish I had something in my life that I could just up and leave my family for an ENTIRE day and do what I want and my darling husband says, "have a good day, see ya this evening!", like I did when he left here at 3:30 a.m. and I was up giving Trace a bottle. I feel that alot of times my husband doesn't truly appreciate me for the person I am. I mean, I am sitting here bored to death with all the kids by myself and no where to go for the next like 10 hours! And when he does get home, he will be too tired and hungry to want to go do anything, let alone take over caring for the kids needs.

Over the holidays he had the pleasure of being off for several days, which was great considering our daycare closed down for two weeks. He had to watch the kids for two days straight, and he was not a happy camper! I told him he just got a taste of what I go through when I'm home by myself. While he was home he also did nothing by way of cleaning up. (I don't ask much, just load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of piling them up on the counter, and taking the stinky trash out!) When I'm home I can clean most of the house and take care of the kids with no problem, but for him thats a different story.

I so need a relaxing day to myself, where I can do what I want. Not what I NEED to do for everyone else. I'm ready for my own "Hunting Day"!


  1. Tell hubbie that you are going hunting next weekend, and then go "hunting" for a new outfit and some painted toenails! :)

  2. I like Erin's idea!!!!! If I've learned anything, I've learned that you have to MAKE it happen. I think husbands get used to you doing EVERYTHING and forget that you need a break too.

  3. Oh, boy! I know all about that huntin" stuff! I have 2 deer heads staring at me in the den and another one is on the way,,Dh got a pretty big one a few weeks ago and is having it mounted! I don't know about your dh, but mine goes all glassy-eyed around hunting season and it is all he can think is like I am a widow for 3 months..LOL

  4. Erin took the words right out of my mouth. Or fingers? Anyway, you deserve a day girl. Just plan it and DO it. You have to have a day, or you will go nuts. Trust me, Ive been there.